IOS and android mobile application development Android mobile application development (Android is the Google mobile operating system which opened the door to the use of open source codes for mobile phones. The world’s most popular mobile platform. IPhone and IPad mobile application development (Apple’s mobile operating system is IOS. It is characterized by strictly controlled and quality assured applications as well as premium equipment and perfect quality mobile applications.) How and where did the mobile application development begin? The smartphone has become a popular trend today. Millions of people use handheld devices (smartphones, tablets, iPads) daily for many helpful but also useless things besides the essentials. We could actually say that people have become mobile device addicted. Most of the people waiting for someone or who just have a couple of minutes free time reach automatically for their mobile. The mobile application development has posed a new challenge for the developers of mobile applications since it requires a completely different approach as a desktop application. How can you build a mobile app? Mobile application development We can help you create the best mobile application strategy for yourself. Whether iPhone or Android, we can start developing as soon as you have an outline of your requirements and have contacted us. App development can be divided in two major groups: Mobile apps built using standard components GUI for mobile apps (mostly games) The development of high graphic complexity mobile applications can take up to several months, depending on the preparation of the graphic elements. Simpler iOS or Android application developments can be ready for sale in the App Store or Android Market in two to three weeks. Of course, this also depends on the length of the approval process, which may take up to one or even several weeks. On average, we can say that regarding the App Store it takes usually about three weeks. On the contrary, Google Play apps can be available within 1-2 hours. How much does a mobile application cost? As all mobile apps are designed from individual specifications, we can not give you any exact fees. We can provide simpler iOS and / or Android app development from up to 100-150 work hours, the upper limit is determined by the specific customer requirements.

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