About US

Profile: Apps and E-Commerce solutions - Support for businesses

Our mission is to provide professional IT support to small and medium sized businesses in the fields of software development, app development, websites, webshop design and the operation of IT systems.

Therefore our customers have a secure, stable and reliable IT system at their disposal, which creates real value to our company.

  • Best E-Commerce products
  • Best On-line and On-Site Service
  • Best price, cost-efficient solutions

Our team (New office in Karlsruhe, Germany)

Who we are

Our team has more decades of experience in the IT branch. Our senior programmers assure thoughtful developments, like our junior programmers assure flexibility.

Gábor Üsztöke
Róbert Orbán
IT Director
Róbert Tornay
SEO and Social media
Katalin Mészáros
ART, design and Film
Patrik Erdös
Blanka Pajtényi
Gábor Szücs
Junior Programmer
Dávid Borsodi
Junior Programmer
Zoltán Simon
Senior Programmer
Zoltán Horváth
Senior Programmer
Zoltán Frombach
Server Administrator
Dániel Sveller