Terms and Conditions

The following terms serve as a clear regulation of the mutual relationship between customers and Web24 Ltd  .

1. Order Placement After placing the order, the customer commits to providing the necessary information and documents (photos, brochures, etc.) to the intermediary or Web24 Ltd  .

2. Documents Documents handed over to the intermediary or Web24 Ltd remain in the possession of Web24 Ltd until the order is fully completed and the invoice is fully paid by the customer. Newly created photos, documents, electronic data, and information, as well as the websites created by the intermediary or Web24 Ltd, remain in their possession and ownership.

3. Rejection of Orders Web24 Ltd reserves the right to reject orders in whole or in part. Thus, Web24 Ltd has the discretion not to publish individual photos, texts, or other content if they violate applicable laws or regulations. This right also applies after an order has been definitively published. The agreed-upon price is only owed if the order is completely rejected by Web24 Ltd.

4. Obligation of Web24 Ltd undertakes to implement and publish the order given on the order form to the best of its knowledge. It captures and stores the necessary information and customer-provided data. After the production of the websites, the customer is informed with a printout accompanying the invoice. Additionally, the website is provisionally published for 10 days. The website is deemed accepted by the customer unless changes are communicated in writing or orally within 5 days of receiving the invoice.

5. Website Content: The customer is solely responsible for the content of the website and undertakes to clarify its legal permissibility.

6. Warranty: Since the published website may appear differently on each computer, Web24 Ltd consciously cannot guarantee 100% coverage of all internet browsers. Web24 Ltd also assumes no liability for interruptions and disturbances in data output that cannot be proven and are exclusively attributable to the fault of Web24 Ltd. For damages caused demonstrably by Web24 Ltd, its liability is limited to the agreed net price.

7. Customer's Responsibilities The invoice provided to the customer is payable within 10 days. Payments are to be transferred exclusively to an account of Web24 Ltd. Intermediaries are not authorized to accept payments. Payment is due regardless of change requests. Web24 Ltd reserves the right to wait for the definitive activation of the website until the entire invoice amount is settled.

8. Liability Claims Web24 Ltd does not act as an intermediary between the internet user and the customer. The customer undertakes to indemnify and hold Web24 Ltd harmless from all third-party claims.

9. Invoicing The prices stated on the order form are net prices (excluding VAT and other charges). The customer is additionally charged a VAT of currently 20%.

10. Termination and Renewal If the customer does not cancel the contract in writing at least one month before the expiration of the term, the contract is automatically renewed for another year. The invoicing date of the original invoice is decisive for the notice period.

11. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction All legal relationships between the customer and Web24 Ltd are exclusively subject to British law. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes is the registered office of Web24 Ltd. However, Web24 Ltd is authorized to enforce its rights at the customer's domicile or before any other competent authority.

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